HasClunk 0.7.0

Today I’ve released HasClunk 0.7.0. This is a small but useful update that tweaks RSS generation a bit.

After installing a new RSS reader on my phone I noticed that the posts in my feed don’t have any dates. This was no real surprise since I didn’t add pubDate tags to the feed, always relying on the post order making sense. However, this reader jumbled up the post order so adding dates was necessary and it’s also nice for my (non-existing) readers to know that I have in fact written posts at a certain date, and that they’re not dateless posts that have been conceived beyond time and space.

Another thing I addressed is the fact that most RSS readers don’t like relative URL’s in stuff like images. HasClunk did support using the base_url tag in posts, however when converting from Markdown to HTML Pandoc is kind enough to replace these tags with HTML entities, which makes trying to replace them afterwards a bit problematic, or well, not working at all. So now I’m first replacing those base_url tags in the original post files and then converting them to HTML.