About me

Hi there fellow traveler of the cyberspaciousness. I am Jelle Hermsen: a programmer and climate activist from the Netherlands. I work as a freelance programmer making websites, mobile apps and all kinds of “behind the scenes” tech magic :-).

As much as I do enjoy good old coding, what really makes me tick is this planet and all the beautiful life growing on it’s skin. In the last few years my worries about climate change have grown a lot. I am afraid that our governments are not doing enough to stop it. That’s why I’ve joined Extinction Rebellion and Christian Climate Action. I really really hope that we are able to turn this around and I feel that I have to do what I can to make our leaders see this as well. I strongly believe in peaceful and cheerful protesting, but also think that a bit of civil disobedience is necessary to get our point accross. If you want to know more about XR or CCA in the Netherlands, you can always contact me.

In my spare time I love to write blogs, make music, watch 80s comedies and read fantasy and sci-fi novels. From time to time I also like to fire up the old Super Nintendo to play some retro games, but usually other stuff gets in the way. I have a hope that when I’m gray and old I’ll be able to play through my retro game collection while enjoying the thought that my grand children are fine on this earth where we have averted catastrophe.


A photograph of me next to a friendly petting zoo goat. Although I must say that petting zoo goats are usually friendly, hence the being in petting zoos. So I guess it’s better to say that it’s a petting zoo goat next to a friendly me :-)