Merged my blogs

I have merged my Dutch Ada blog into this site and redirected the blog to the Ada category. Given the tiny amount of visitors I get, it made no real sense to maintain two seperate blogs. However I do plan to keep writing about Ada now and then.

As you might have noticed I have also taken the opportunity to redesign this blog. The CSS is still pretty light weight, but it’s a lot more colorful, like an evolution of the blog. I hope you like it. If you don’t you can also read my blogs using Lynx, since HasClunk has great support for text browsers :-).

Speaking of HasClunk: this little static site generator has received a bunch of updates. It’s now at version 0.6.1. I have implemented a pagination system which you can see on the home page of this site. If I don’t encounter any bugs I might even bump it to 1.0 and upload it to Hackage as well.