New blog

Greetings and salutations visitor. This is my new weblog, using the brand spanking new static weblog generator HasClunk.

I actually wanted to use Hakyll, but couldn’t get it setup because of the dreaded Cabal dependecy hell raining down errors on me. Usually when such a thing happens, I will just keep on twiddling till it’s done, but not this time. I figured I could build my own static blog generator quickly, so I just went at it.

HasClunk supports posts, pages, categories and RSS. It’s everything I need at the moment. I might add Gopher support later on, because that kind of fits the Aardvark community. Aardvark is a network of people who (mostly) met at SDF and started their own IRC server when SDF was having some downtime because of DDOS attacks. Nismorack calls us paleotechnologists and this makes sense, because most of use love to use terminals instead of desktop environments, and we’re working on our own BBS. You can even visit us on Gopher.

I’m kind of a Haskell and general code geek, so much of this blog will be about those subjects. I’m also working on game ideas that I would love to see come to life, but don’t hold your breath for them. In the mean time I work as a freelance medical programmer and I like playing and reading about indie games. The indie game scene is awesome and I’m a big fan of the growing diversity, gripping games out of the cold dead white masculine hands and make them rainbow colored!