Jelle Hermsen's corner



I make electronic music under the name Alternative Cosmetics and played in a bunch of bands of various disquality (shout out to the other guys from “Band zonder talent” :-).

You can listen to my EP “Mood of the leopard” on Jamendo.

I have also created an EP “Exhumed but not dead” featuring mixes of old tracks I made in the 90’s.

You can also catch me on SoundCloud and there’s an old Myspace account gathering cobwebs.

I’ve been making music since the mid-90’s, using Fast Tracker II to create horrible Euro Dance before turning to other tools in which I could do even more damage. In 2010 I recorded my first EP and put it on Jamendo. The song “Space” got played on Rathole Radio (Yay!) and featured on the Software Freedom Day cd that year.

Electronics are all nice and dandy, but recently I mostly play blues piano. I might make some reordings at some point, but don’t hold your breath :-).