I make electronic music and play the piano. In the past I’ve played in a bunch of bands of various disquality (shout out to the other guys from “Band zonder talent” :-).

You can listen to my EP “Mood of the leopard” on Bandcamp or Spotify.

I have also created an EP “Exhumed but not dead” featuring mixes of old tracks I made in the 90’s.

You can also catch me on SoundCloud and there’s an old Myspace account gathering cobwebs.

I’ve been making music since the mid-90’s, using Fast Tracker II to create horrible Euro Dance before turning to other tools in which I could do even more damage. In 2010 I recorded my first EP and put it on Jamendo. The song “Space” got played on Rathole Radio (Yay!) and featured on the Software Freedom Day cd that year.